The Top 3 things about PAT Testing

Are you a tenant that needs peace of mind? A Landlord looking for a stress-free safety plan for your property? Or just someone that has seen the horror stories of non-tested appliances and wants to know more? Then look no further, we have covered the most important information about PAT testing, how we can help you and the safety re-assurances you need.
PAT Testing is more than just a dated sticker on your kitchen appliances. PAT Testing – Portable appliance testing gives you a professionally tested peace of mind in your home and therefore at Cambridge Property Investments we take it extremely seriously. PAT testing laws ensure that all landlords, employers, and even self-employed individuals ensure that their portable electrical appliances are maintained to a safe and working order.
The Health and Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. This risk is not one that we are prepared to take with both our landlords and tenants. We have the expert knowledge to ensure that your property not only has been maintained to an exceptionally high standard visually but internally too. Live stress free knowing as a tenant or landlord appliances in your home are fully functional and do not carry the risks of non-tested appliances.
PAT Testing may seem something simple and easy to do, but let us ensure you with our top 3 questions why it is essential that you choose us and don’t compromise quality on a cheap and easy tester in your area. Ultimately, we PAT test to ensure we meet the highest standards of health and safety giving you the needed peace of mind as a tenant or landlord.

1) What needs PAT testing? The clues in the name, simply put any portable appliance that has a cable and plug and needs connecting to a power source such as a wall socket will need testing. This can range vastly across a huge range of appliances.

2) How do you PAT test to a high standard? The key to keeping up our high standard is we will only send out one of our highly experienced and trained professionals in the electrical industry. They have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all appliances are both visually and internally tested. It is essential that both visual and internal machine tests are done as a machine test could miss something our trained techs can see and vice versa.

3) Do I need to have my appliances regularly tested? Yes, this is the simplest answer. Many individuals and companies do not keep up periodic tests because simply the laws and guidelines do not enforce it enough. However, this is not something we need enforcing by law and instead ensure ourselves this is done periodically to maintain a safe environment for our properties all year round and not just to tick off a safety list.