Cambridge Property Investments Ltd have literally the best staff in the business available - not just buy our own standards but a multiple award winning team of individual specialists. Whilst we are a family run business we each excel in different parts of the industry ensuring that when the specialists combine we create the very best of agencies that both Cambridge and London have to offer.

Company Director.

Mathew Maltby has been working in the industry now for well over 20 Years, working through all aspects right from maintenance to sales, from yield maximization to full property flips including extensions to a vast level - Mathew has been awarded Cambridge's best letting agent 4 years running.

Mathew Specializes in:

  • Property Sales.
  • Property Lettings.
  • Portfolio Management.
  • Property Investments.
  • Yield Maximization.

Mathew Maltby "At C.P.I we make sure that all of our landlords get the correct advice to ensure that they are getting the maximum yield from their properties at all times whilst letting out great high end, clean and tidy properties, I firmly believe that "A great property breeds a great tenant ".

Co Director and Senior Negotiator.

Melanie Maltby is the newest recruit to CPI, previously teaching she brings a specialty that no other agency has! Melanie has the knowledge of all local schools and is best placed in seeing that tenants looking to relocate to Cambridge are placed in the catchment areas of the very best schools Cambridge has to offer. Who better is there to advise you on your childs schooling.

Melanie Specializes in:

  • Property Lettings.
  • Property Inventories.
  • Property Renovations.
  • Relocations.
  • Customer Relations.

Melanie Maltby "Joining CPI and becoming the relocation specialist is simply great as I get to combine my past with my future, knowing the education industry well I can inform tenants that are looking to relocate accurately based upon facts from working within the industry for many years meaning they get to put their children in the best of education. Its fantastic to be able to offer that bit extra to ensure that our tenants are homed in the best place for them".

Senior Lettings Negotiator.

Josh Maltby has been working in the industry now for a few years and has been an integral part of CPI from the start, working through all Lettings and sales roles.

Josh Specializes in:

  • Customer Relations.
  • Property Lettings.
  • Property Sales.
  • Property Maintenance.
  • Facilities Management.

Josh leads our team of lettings negotiators and always ensures that his high standards are met at all times, we don't just let your property we care about your property and we convey that to all our tenants alike. Tenants care dearly about where they are going to be living so ensuring that the property is in great condition ready for marketing takes a keen eye for detail, It's the small things that can make all the difference between a let and a void, At CPI we don't like voids as we're well known for not charging any landlord fees on empty properties, if our landlords are not getting a rental income then we're not earning either.

Business Development Manager.

Blake Maltby has been working in the industry now for a few years, working through all Lettings and sales roles but is higher qualified in the behind the scenes activities, Blake specializes in marketing so ensures that your properties are seen in the best light in all aspects of advertising.

Blake Specializes in:

  • Marketing.
  • Design.
  • SEO.
  • Property Lettings.
  • Property Law.

Mathew Maltby "At C.P.I we make sure that all of our landlords and tenants get the correct advice to ensure that they are getting the maximum from their properties at all times with Blake on board we can ensure attention to detail in all aspects of the let and ensure that all properties reach a maximum wider audience at all times meaning your property will be seen by a far vaster audience.
Blake leads our business team of and always ensures that his high standards are met at all times. Blake now fronts the business development team ensuring that all landlords new and old are given the full amount of time they deserve and creates the perfect advertising package ensuring your property is seen in all of its glory.

Inventory Specialist.

Charli Maltby has been working in the industry part time now for a few years, working through all Lettings and sales roles but excels in professional inventories providing in depth picture and written inventories that can be sent to both landlords and tenants whilst we store a copy here at CPI's HQ - cloud database.

Charli Specializes in:

  • Property Inventories.
  • Photography.
  • Videography.
  • In depth descriptions.
  • Customer Services.

Charli Maltby "At C.P.I we make sure that all inventories are given full attention to detail, we create a full written and photograph inventory that is extremely in depth and accurate ensuring that at all times all properties are returned in the same condition as they are let in, At CPI we pride ourselves in the properties we provide so it is imperative we ensure they are kept that way.
Charli leads our inventory team ensuring that properties are always let and returned in tip top condition at all times and you don't have to be a CPI landlord or tenant to benefit from Charli's expertise - Inventories can be done for you privately.

Dave Malby

Maltby Services Property Maintenance in Cambridge.

Cambridge Property Investments believe in having all of our properties in a great decorative state prior to letting them out, by using our own decorating and maintenance team we can ensure that. Dave Maltby & Maltby services have been working alongside us since day 1 changing the way that properties are let out here in Cambridge and we are extremely proud of the partnership we have and the home that we produce together:

Charli Specializes in:

  • All decorating is tasteful & current designed with neutral tastes.
  • All decorating is completed to an extremely high standard.
  • All rentals have to meet our standards prior to going onto the market.
  • Our aim is to create High end lets yet still maintaining market value.

The decor of a property is extremely important, it has to be clean and tidy yet make your property stand out from others in order to capture the perfect tenant.
CPI also work along side Dave Maltby and Maltby Constructions in property flipping so if your looking to flip to invest then you have come to the right place yet again.