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Cambridge Property Investments Ltd are a unique Cambridge lettings agency, property investment agency, relocation specialist and Property Management experts.  We offer the complete property investment package, A package that offers landlords, tenants and professionals looking to relocate absolute peace of mind - We're second to none with our block property management, Facility management and estate management packages and over the past few years have been highly decorated and recognised for what we excel in here in and around Cambridge winning various awards as testiment to our unique approach here in Cambridge.

Cambridge Letting Agent Mathew Maltby Cambridge Property Investments Ltd® is owned by the award winning Mathew Maltby who has been awarded the title of the best letting agent in Cambridgeshire 3 consecutive years running by the likes of allAgents, with a wealth of local knowledge from living in Cambridge for over 40 years and working in the property sector for over 25 years now Mathew offers all the information that you will need to make you a success with your property or portfolio.
Mathew believes his success is due to his ability to have a great relationship with all landlords and tenants meaning any issues can be resolved fast and effectively, that combined with the many courses and qualifications gained throughout his career placing him at the top of the property sector. Mathew also specialises in HMO properties here in Cambridge.

Not only will we help you find great investment properties in Cambridge and modernise them into fantastic rental opportunities obtaining you your maximum yield but Cambridge Property Investments also offer an extensive range of management services meaning that you will be left completely stress free with us letting out your properties for you in and around Cambridge.

At CPI we have a family run team of fully trained agents waiting to fill your properties with thoroughly referenced tenants meaning that we don't just find you any old tenant, we find you the best tenant and all within a great price, so good in fact that we offer our services with a price promise! you provide us with written details of an offer from an alternative letting company and we will either better it or match it without compromising our high standards and award winning service that we are known to provide.

Cambridge Property Investments also offer a complete Cambridge relocation service helping professionals to relocate to Cambridge with ease - we boast professionals that are extensively in the know about the local areas, schools and amenities offering you the best advice whilst showing you properties that suit your specified requirements all within the comfort of a chauffeur driven vehicle, so if your looking to relocate then why not give us a ring, we'd be happy to hear from you and can help you to find the right property in the right location making sure you get the very best for you and your family.

Finally we also boast an internal team of professional maintenance contractors ensuring that all works are carried out to the highest of standards at all times and with a reasonable price. Using our own team of contractors means that we can save a bit of money which in turn allows us to pass the savings onto our landlords and tenants accordingly, our savings become your savings!

Often we assist our landlords with purchasing their new rental investments, we will attend your initial viewings of your new property prior to the purchase with you and my head contractor will also accompany you to provide the necessary and valuable information of exactly what your potential investment will need to have done to it to ensure it reaches its maximum yeild. More often than not we turn run down properties into high end rentals as at CPI we fully believe that a great property will breed a great tenant!

Our Community

At Cambridge Property Investments Ltd ® we pride ourselves in putting our community first, We advertise through local business, we use local businesses for our boards and stationary etc but most importantly we like to give a little back to our community. We do this in various ways and we would like to share a little insight into what we do with you:

Cambridge Letting Agent community Newmarket Letting Agents

This year we have sponsored a local area making sure it blooms with stunning flowers all year long, The flower bed in Newmarket, Cambridge sits just across the road from the towns main shopping centre meaning that each and every visitor into the shopping centre can enjoy the sights of our flower garden - We keep our flowers in as great condition as our properties, ensuring that our community is kept happy.

Cambridge Letting Agent Community Cambridge Constabulary

This year Cambridge Property Investments Ltd ® are proud to be the official sponsor of the Cambridge Constabulary official police hand book, the proceeds from this book go toward keeping the streets of Cambridge crime free, Cambridge is a great place to live and the crime is relatively low and we believe that this is due to the community spirit and everyone doing their bit to keep Cambridge a great place to live and we are extremely proud to be doing our but too.

 C.P.I Charity

Not only do Cambridge Property Investments Ltd ® sponsor our own community but we also recognise the work of some other truly amazing people! CPI Ltd ® are proud to announce that from now on we will be sponsoring J.O.Y as our designated charity. J.O.Y is a charity that support kids suffering bereavement and raise awareness of mental health issues.

We will also be sponsoring @BigBearF1 in his charity fund raising campaigns. Two amazing causes for two totally different reasons but both doing amazing things and were proud to be part of it by helping them along their journeys, you too can be part of these amazing journeys by sponsoring them on their specific sites, links are available below for you, please help us to help them make a difference.

Cambridge Letting Agent Charity A gift of J.O.Y @JordieOnYou

Cambridge Property Investments Ltd ® are proud to be raising money for the charity! JOY - Jordan Maltby was a loving young man that always put others 1st and always made others smile. Sadly Jordan unexpectedly passed away Christmas morning of 2017 leaving his family and friends distraught, nobody actually new how important Jordan had been to so many people until his funeral where it was in undated with people wanting to pay their respects. For this reason we would like to bestow an act of Jordie On You (JOY). All funds raised by J.O.Y will go towards helping kids suffering bereavement and to raise the necessary awareness of mental illnesses. So many people suffer with mental illness of some description and are often overlooked due to lack of knowledge or funding and often children that are suffering from bereavement are left to suffer a loss in silence but together we can help to change this. You can make donations direct to JOY on their crowd funding page or perhaps you would like to do some fund raising for JOY yourself? then you can contact them direct via their website here: JordieOnYou

After Jordie had passed away it was discovered that he had recorded a song called Valentine which is now available on itunes, all proceeds of the sale of this song will go directly to charity so why not download it right away, its just 79p and will make a huge difference to someone that really needs it? Go download valentine now on itunes and bestow your own act of JOY on someone and show that you care: 

Together we can bestow an act of JOY on many and change lives that otherwise would be left devistated.

Cambridge Property Investments Ltd ® are the official sponsors of a few local football clubs this season 2019/2020 and will look to do the same again in the 2020/2021 season as we believe that community is key, we believe that by creating a better community then we can provide a better class of property letting, we believe that we're Cambridges most prestigious letting agency and strive to stay on top of our game. CPI provide great properties that are situated in great areas and we boast both great landlords and tenants, This enables us to provide a seamless property let in Cambridge as our relationships with both Landlords and Tenants are important to us.

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