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For all your block management requirements please just drop us a quick email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. As the leading block property management specialists we are able to tailor our services according to your needs, meaning that we can go through your existing services and see where they can be improved for a far more efficient, compliant and fantastically maintained service offering you safer and more comfortable living at an extremely competitive price.

Great values in estate management

As one of the UK's leading providers of property management services, we look after residential, mixed-use and commercial developments direct from our office which is conveniently situated in Cambridge's city center. If you are a resident management company director, a property developer , a freeholder or an existing customer looking to recommend our services - please contact us for more information on our block property management and facilities management services.

Working with resident management companies:

When you buy an apartment - or sometimes a freehold house - within a development, there are common factors that need to be maintained. In an apartment block for example, the hallways need to be cleaned, a lift will need to be serviced and maybe the exterior or parts of the building will need to be repainted/maintained from time to time. In a housing development, garden areas will need to be maintained and in some cases security gates will require maintenance. All of this will typically be documented in a lease (for an apartment) or TP1 (for a freehold house), and all of these obligations will need to be organized by someone. A maintenance plan will need to be developed, a budget will need to be prepared, funds need to be raised and various tradespeople need to be contracted and all managed in accordance with the lease and the law. This is the role of the estate manager or managing agent and this is where you hand over and rely on our expertise.

Working together with Property Developers

We work closely with developers at each and every stage, and across every type of residential block, including those that incorporate freehold units and mixed-use developments. Our involvement can begin from the outset - well in advance of the planned handover. By bringing us in at the early planning stages of your build, we can offer expert pre-instruction advice on design and construction issues that may affect the future management of the property, helping you to avoid situation before they ever occur. We will create a comprehensive budget estimate and management proposal, liaise directly with solicitors as necessary and supply information packs to potential buyers where required. We will also work closely with sales teams to ensure their clients are aware of the services available and fully understand the annual service charge. We understand that every development is unique, so for a completely tailored management proposal, please give our team a call, We are here and ready to help.

Protecting your property investment:

We understand that as a landlord you need a managing agent who will provide you with complete peace of mind; peace of mind that your property is being professionally managed and in good repair at all times, and that all legal and financial requirements are being met. As property management specialists we are able to tailor our services according to your needs. We will look after the day to day issues as well as the long term ones, ensuring financial matters are in order and keeping you informed where ever and when ever is appropriate, keeping you up to speed without giving you the headache that comes with it.