Greener ways to build your home

As a company that cares we think it’s important to use our platform to keep providing quality content to inspire others to keep pushing for a healthier and more eco-friendly world to live in. After the great reactions we received on our first eco-friendly blog we decided it’s time to take things further. You can read our 10 recommended eco-friendly best practices by clicking here, but for now, we will continue to uncover some of the best ways you can contribute to a greener world within the property industry.
This blog is all about uncovering the many approaches that should be considered when it comes to property investment and the construction and building processes involved in new properties. At CPI we not only find you the best investments but we do it while taking the vital steps to ensure along the way you’re taking the right eco-friendly approach.

Eco-Friendly Materials – It’s often not done but it so easily could be, simply ask and you’ll be surprised how many eco-friendly alternatives there are when it comes to buying your building materials. It takes seconds at most minutes to discuss what alternative more eco-friendly materials your supplier has that will not impact your work or quality and contribute to a greener home and world. Not only does this mean you’re helping but it’s a unique selling point as a trader and for the home, you have been taking the steps needed to market a green home.

Planting in your garden – Trees are the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil around us and offer shelter and life to the wildlife we all care about. Not only that they provide us with hundreds of different materials for various different uses. By making a conscious effort to plant more in your garden you can make your property greener. If you have the capability to plant more trees than fantastic but you equally can contribute with smaller plants. Plants are great for you in many ways, while helping to make the world a greener place you can reap the benefits of beautiful flower decorations or fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits too!

Controlled Building Environments – Ensuring a controlled building environment not only helps you as tradesmen work more efficiently but it will also allow you and others on your site to make better choices when it comes to waste management. If you have a well-organised site you know exactly what materials you have to avoid wastages. You also have a clearer view of everything around you for designated waste management bins. A Controlled environment can also mean better water usage, think about the many ways in which you can use and re-use water and avoid constant running taps and hoses if not needed.

Improved water efficiency – This was touched on in a building manner above, with better control of your environment you have better control over your water usage. This does also apply to house water usage. Consider ways in which you can re-use water and make better choices when it comes to water usage in your home. This could include taking showers over baths, watering your plants with water from a water butt and much more.

Right building location – Picking the right property location is something every real estate and letting agency will consider but its important to consider it for the right reasons. At CPI we pride ourselves on the award-winning level of service we offer to you. Not only will we find you the prime locations for investments and fantastic opportunities but we will do so while being mindful of the environmental impacts. You need to ensure you have researched and checked carefully the area you’re building on and its surrounding areas to avoid effecting things such as a natural water source.

Health Choices – There are numerous choices that will not only make your home greener but also better for the health of the occupant living there. A well-ventilated property will offer plenty of fresh air. Plenty of natural light will boost one’s health and mood while using less energy with lights. Good insulating throughout will help maintain the right indoor temperature meaning again less usage with energy and heating while creating a warm homely atmosphere.

Recycle and reuse materials – Where possible you should always recycle or reuse materials, this can be done in a variety of different ways varying on what exactly you have. We’ve recently launched our new C.C.C programme which is all about finding a 2nd home for unwanted household appliances. Instead of Landlords or Tenants throwing away or abandoning old or unwanted appliances we PAT test them and offer them to our local community. You can find out all about our C.C.C programme by clicking here.
We are on a mission to make the world an eco-friendlier and greener place to live in, you can keep up to date with all our latest efforts by checking our regular blog posts. You can also click now to read our 10 Recommended eco-friendly best practises for even more ways you can help in your home. Additionally, if you want to take things even further there are plenty of extra resources available and fantastic organisations such as The Green Organisation you can research into.