10 Recommended Eco-Friendly Best Practises

We're thrilled to welcome you to our first Green Blog, we have always been a company that cares about greener lettings and an environmentally friendly world to live in. Despite always implementing our own best eco friendly practises after receiving two outstanding awards this week we wanted to share some tips for you to do the same. We're extremely proud to showcase both of our awards in the video below, usually presented in Westminster, London.

1. Light Sources – We're kicking things off with one we all know but I'm sure can agree on the need to focus on more, light usage and sources of light. Make the most of natural light when the suns beaming down and through your house windows. There's nothing better for your own mood than some natural light and you'll be saving vital energy and unnecessary usage by not turning on your household lights during the day where possible. However, we do understand this isn't always possible especially in the darker winter months. Although there are still ways to improve this, always turn off your lights along with all other electrical appliances when you're finished using them and they're no longer required. Additionally, always ensure when purchasing new lightbulbs that you check for the energy rating and consumption, most commonly LED Energy bulbs are the greatest for more eco-friendly use.

2. Digital Files – As the world around us continuously evolves and technology grows bigger and bigger there's no need to keep endless paper copies. This is one we wanted to highlight especially as we know there are many more people working at home now more than ever before. Make smart choices to store and use digital files as opposed to wasting paper. Send emails instead of paper letters, save documents instead of print outs and so on.

3. Solar Power – We all know about solar power but how many of you have taken the time to look into getting your own solar panels or solar appliances. Solar panels are a fantastic green source to collect and store energy for electricity in your house. However, it doesn't just stop there, you'll be greatly surprised by the number of products out there that either has a solar-powered variation or add on. This includes garden lights and even doorbells. For example, Rings Home Systems, many people now use Ring or similar products for a camera doorbell but charge their systems once a month by plugging it into a socket. If you simply search for Rings Door Bell Solar Charger you will see you can get an easy-to-use attachment saving you the time to charge and also making your property greener and more efficient.

4. Household Waste – Arguably one of the easiest to do but often neglected best practice. Make a conscious effort with everything you do in your home to assess the waste you're causing. This could be simply by using a refillable water bottle, recycling and correct bin management and even ensuring you make the most of your home cooking and leftovers. All of these little things will soon add up and add very little effort to your day-to-day lifestyle but add up to a greener world.

5. Household Usage – Similarly to household waste its important to assess your household usage. Generally speaking, taking a shower uses significantly less water than a full bath, we found out that a standard showerhead flows at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Therefore, meaning a 10-minute shower would only consume 25 gallons of water, whereas a full bath can be upwards of 70 gallons of water. Household usage applies to all aspects in your home some other examples include, ensuring you do your laundry efficiently by collecting a large amount and doing it once a week, opposed to multiple small washes throughout the week. Turning off taps and not wasting water is another example and overall, just have a much more conservative approach within your home by turning off phone charges etc.

6. Eco-Friendly Appliances – It's 2021 there aren't many things that haven't been discovered to have an eco-friendly variation. When purchasing your household appliances always ensure you're researching and looking to find the most eco versions. They will all perform the tasks exactly the same yet some companies have taken the extra needed time to ensure they've designed an eco-friendly model. You can make your home a lot greener simply with this tip as its not something you even have to consciously do or think about after making the purchase. However, every week that goes by you will be saving a great deal of energy consumption and waste, leading to a healthier and more eco-friendly world.

7. Thermostatic Heating – Implement and make the most out of your thermostatic heating, it's simple and easy to use and will save wasting your heating where it's not needed. Most homes now should be thermostatically heated, simply set the times you need your hot water and heating to be on and then you're done. Instead of constantly having them both on or trying to get your house warm at a set time, the thermostat will take care of this for you coming on when you deem it needed.

8. Drying your laundry – Linking to the above, avoiding tumble dryers and similar or variations of electric appliances to dry your washing can be an easy and very effective best practise. Make the most of the sun during the summer and get your laundry out on your washing line to dry. Similarly, if your heating is already on at a set time to keep your house warm why not dry some clothes on there or get yourself an airer to use by it.

9. Property Infrastructure – Improved and state of the art property infrastructures are having and will continue to have a very promising effect on our world and environmentally friendly living. There are a number of practises that should always be considered and implemented where possible. This can include generally better-built property's: stronger frames and supports results in better weather resilience cutting down future repairs or rebuilds. Another example can be regular and efficient property maintenance, ensuring your property is always up to the highest of standards will prevent wastages such as the loss of water in a leaking pipe. Whatever maintenance your property requires we can help, click here to view our Cleaning and Property Maintenance Services.

10. Environmental Audits – Assess your current usage or any future usage and perspective affects your property plans may have with an environmental audit. This will allow you to analyse your current usage, potential future usage and then target ways to improve and implement many of our best practises to create a more eco-friendly property.
We hope you enjoyed our blog and most importantly can make use of our best practises, ultimately a greener more eco-friendly world is a longer and happier one for us all and for others decades to come.