10 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

Landlords, this blog post is for you. We've created a list of our top reasons to hire a Property Manager. We've covered all aspects of Property Management so you can decide if any of our reasons meet your requirements. If they do and you'd like to find out more, simply give us a call to discuss your opportunity, completely pressure-free.

1) Hassle-Free – Arguably one of the most appealing reasons to hire a Property Manager such us ourselves at Cambridge Property Investments is that we can provide a service that eliminates all the hassle and worries to do with your properties. Whether that be one property or a large portfolio, we will fully manage everything for you so you're hassle-free but still reaping the rewards of your property investments. We fully manage everything for you. So, no more 3 am emergency calls, no chasing rent payments and much more.

2) Full Maintenance – Continuing on from the first reason above, those 3 am emergency calls need to be managed. This is something that we would cover of course however by having CPI as your Property Manager we offer a full in-house Property Maintenance Team. We focus on preventative maintenance, meaning we keep on top of all your property's maintenance to ensure they're up to our award-winning standard at all times, and not just when something goes wrong. Using preventative maintenance, we do periodic checks on an array of potential future risks to eliminate them. For example, we have our very own specialist drone team to undergo periodic roof inspections. Full maintenance doesn't just stop there, all of our properties are maintained to a high standard. This is something we're not willing to compromise on and strive to maintain such standard for both our Landlords and Tenants. Although that does not mean we won't take on all property's, due to our Full Maintenance Service if you get in touch with us, we can discuss getting your property back up to the standard it should be to optimise your rental value.

3) Rental Value – As your Property Manager it is our job to ensure we get you the fair rental value you deserve. After an initial appraisal and with our expert knowledge we will ensure that we not only find the right tenant for you but get you the best rental value you deserve.

4) Better screening of Tenants – Unless this is something you're willing to dedicate your life to and commit to as a full-time role, giving the due time needed for your property can be difficult. That's why it could become easy to simply accept the first tenant that you find to save yourself the time. It could also be easy to make a judgement based on character. However, this can open up a never-ending list of potential problems. We take care of all of this for you with extensive, impartial, screening into all prospective tenants. Not only does this save you time and offer peace of mind but it eliminates a range of legal and diplomatic issues you may face later down the line.

5) Legal and Safety Measures – There are a large host of measures when it comes to Property Management. We will take care of all aspects of this for you and each one of your property's. This not only protects what we do, it protects you as the Landlord and also your Tenants to ensure both a legal and safe letting process at all times. To name a few this includes; Registering both the Landlord and all Tenants, Tenancy Agreement Contracts, following protocol with all professional viewings and inspections, Tenant Screening, ensuring your property meets all safety and legal requirements, Maintenance of your property, Managing your property while holding a registered property Membership, ensuring all safety certificates and tests are in order and up to date and storing all appropriate property, landlord and tenant information under the correct GDPR Regulations.

6) Large Property Portfolio – Having a large property portfolio managed by Cambridge Property Investments not only relieves the pressure of managing a number of properties it also offers both current and prospective tenants' peace of mind. They know that you as the Property owner have taken the time to find the right Property Manager and therefore, they feel looked after. Managing a number of properties by yourself means each property time is being stretched and not managed and looked after how it should be. Large Portfolios need to maintain smooth and happy running and that's what we can offer you.

7) Property is simply an investment – If Property is simply an investment for you, the number one reason to hire a Property Manager will be to allow your investment to take place without a hands-on approach. You can simply invest in the properties you want too and then allow us as your Property Manager to ensure we run things smoothly and best for your return of investment. This approach for many is very appealing as they don't want to have to face the many aspects of property management and simply want to invest in property and not have to manage their portfolio themselves. If you're looking to invest and want to take this approach, we are more than happy to offer our expertise to help you find the right properties to invest in.

8) Limited Time – Property management takes time, and simply you may not have that time but we do for your properties. This is a simple yet rightful reason to hire a property manager. To ensure your property is fully managed and run smoothly without taking up your time.

9) Overseas or living out of area – There are many different areas that are perfect for property investment and just because you may not live in that area does not mean you can't invest. Understandably if you're investing somewhere out of your local reach it would be difficult to manage but you can still invest in these ideal locations knowing that you have us to manage your property and investment for you. Don't let your location stop you from investing in areas we manage such as Cambridge and London, which are both incredible places for property investment, let us help you.

10) You can so why not – If all of the above reasons weren't enough for you, we're going to end our top reasons to hire a property manager by simply stating if you can, why not? Let us manage your property and reap the same rewards but without any of the worries or time consumption.