Services that we provide:

relocation to CambridgeFriendly Motivated & Specialised Staff.

At Cambridge Property Investments we boast our very own team of highly trained professionals making us specialists in our designated fields within the Cambridgeshire Area.

We Specialise in:

  • Property Investments.
  • Property Renovations.
  • Property Maintenance.
  • Property Lettings.

At C.P.I we make sure that all of our landlords get the correct advice to ensure that they are getting the maximum yield from their properties at all times whilst letting out a great home.

relocation to CambridgeProperty Maintenance.

At Cambridge Property Investments we are proud to be able to offer our very own team of professional contractors. By providing our own maintenance team we can ensure that:

  • Quality and Reliability are assured at all times.
  • Costs encored are kept current and compatible enabling us to pass the savings onto our Landlords & Tenants.
  • Emergency works can be carried out instantly.
  • Properties can be brought up to and kept within great specifications.

At C.P.I we firmly believe that a great property breeds a great tenant.

relocation to CambridgePainting & Decorating.

Cambridge Property Investments believe in having all of our properties in a great decorative state prior to letting them out, by using our own decorating team we can ensure that:

  • All decorating is tasteful & current with neutral tastes.
  • All decorating is completed to a high standard.
  • Costs encored are kept current and compatible enabling us to pass the savings onto our Landlords & Tenants.

The decor of a property is extremely important, it has to be clean and tidy yet make your property stand out from others in order to capture the perfect tenant.

relocation to CambridgeCarpet & Flooring Installation Team.

Cambridge Property Investments offer a complete carpet fitting service, we will bring specific sample boards direct to your door and guide you towards the right choice of carpet or flooring for your let enabling your property carpets/flooring to;

  • Look Great.
  • Feel Great.
  • & Wear Great.

relocation to CambridgeCleaning Services.

At C.P.I we are proud to be able to provide our landlords with our very own team of professional cleaners. By providing our own cleaning team we can ensure that:

  • Properties are always cleaned to a high specification.
  • Cleaning is done fast yet effectively ensuring that properties are turned around fast reducing void periods.
  • End of Tenancy cleans are done by our own cleaners ensuring both Landlord and Tenant satisfaction.
  • Deposit disputes are minimised as we do not use outside cleaning companies that do not meet up to our high standards.

relocation to CambridgeGardening Services.

Your garden can often be the reason your potential tenant does or doesn't take your property. A neat and tidy garden can often sell a tenancy. Cambridge Property Investments believe in maintaining all of their property's gardens leaving them in a manageable state ready for the tenants to take over.

Our tenancy contracts state that the garden must be maintained to its original state upon check in, by using our own team of gardeners we can ensure that this is always done - Our gardeners will bring the gardens up to specification prior to the tenants move in and are then available during the tenancy if the tenants chose to use them. Should the tenants chose not to use them our contractors are readily available post tenancy to bring the garden areas back to specification.

relocation to CambridgeBROADBAND - TV - TELEPHONE

Here at Cambridge Property Investments we have our very own dedicated Virgin Media representative. This means that we can help to get you up and running quickly and easily providing you with a hassle free set up.

We can provide you with:

  • Direct contact with our Virgin Media representative.
  • Easy hassle free installs.
  • Faster set up - Avoiding waiting for installs.
  • Same day service.

At C.P.I we go the extra mile to ensure that your tenancy is a happy one.

Renovations to increase your yield

Please see the picture below which is just one of many bathrooms that we have created for a new landlord, this particular renovation throughout the entire property saw a rental increase from £1600pcm storm right up to an amazing £2200pcm not only this but the property is now tenanted with a lovely family who are keeping it in fantastic condition. This property was situated in a row of 5, all others in the row at present are rented out as HMO's and are only reaching between £1400pcm and £1600pcm so don't be afraid to speculate to accumulate as ultimately you will get your investment back plus your less likely to experience voids and as we always say " A great property, breeds a great tenant". Why not give us a call to see how we can improve your investment and your yield.


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