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After seeing the incredible reaction and interest in our best lockdown walks blog, we decided it was time for our Director to head out and start discovering even more beautiful places to stroll through with your household or alone during your daily lockdown walk. We want to know all the stunning parts of our City that you love walking through, so get in touch and you may just find your lockdown walk in one of our blogs!

It was a Sunday afternoon after yet another promising and busy week at Cambridge Property Investments, so Director Mathew Maltby set off with his household family for some well-deserved rest bite for a walk and what a walk he discovered too.

This Cambridge walk was all around and through the backs of our City Centre and Colleges, all the photos you see on this blog were all captured on this fine afternoon. As you can see, we started off in the town centre by the University grounds.

Cambridge Colleges

Cambridge College Gates

Cambridge Castle Building

Front view of  Cambridge Castle Building

We then wandered on through to a stunning open grassed courtyard, remarkably its even more incredible to see in person.

Cambridge Courtyard Grounds

We then continued, working our way around all the various paths at the back of the colleges, seeing many historic features, castles, narrow historic pathways and then even passed the beautiful river Cam and its famously designed bridges.

Trinity Lane College

Cambridge Town Castle

        Cambridge College Gates

Back of Cambridge Colleges

        1960 Trinity Hall Bridge

River Cam Trinity Hall Bridge

Next, we stumbled across the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, most commonly known in Cambridge as the round church. Which is located on the corner of Round Church Street and Bridge Street. This is not only a beautiful feature but it’s a part of Cambridge that is here to stay. It is designated as a Grade I listed building and a significant part of our City’s history.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

We continued and to our amazement, we found Jordan’s Yard, which in 1913 was built up of 13 addresses, mostly for individuals but also containing a warehouse and workshop. For us as a family discovering this was that extra bit more special, as a dedicated supporter of our locally based Cambridge charity JOY – Jordie on You, this was a beautiful place for us to take a few minutes out of our day and just appreciate our surroundings. It was made that extra bit more special by a particular friend that wanted to join us, socially distanced of course, Robin. This was just one brilliant moment of our walk and there was also a number of other wildlife and birds we got to enjoy seeing.

Jordans Yard Cambridge

Robin Bird

Next, we ended our walk and discovering for one day by Quayside, a lovely hot spot to also visit after lockdown with a number of shops and restaurants situated within. As you can see in the images below the famous Scudamore’s Quayside Punting Station, a station usually so hectically busy with tourists and locals all enjoying a Cambridge history tour on a punt in the sunshine. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic lockdown walk for us on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Quayside Cambridge

Scudamore's Quayside Punting Station

It’s so easy to get lost in the fast-paced world we live in and to forget the beauty within, especially within the City we love Cambridge. That’s why we want to know all about your favourite parts of Cambridge, so don’t forget to contact us and you may see your discovery in one of our blogs.

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